Corporate Programs
You don’t need to be an avid golfer to participate in our many team building and golf clinics. In fact, you don’t have to be a golfer at all. The top corporate priority of our corporate clinics is to build your team and clients’ relationship through the enjoyment of golf.

Business is built upon solid relationships. The ability to manage these relationships with clients, suppliers or employees ultimately determines your level of success.

Together, we will customize a unique and fun event to achieve your goals.

Book a clinic or school by calling 610-781-4234

Option One: Corporate Clinic
1.5 Hour Corporate Clinic – $35 per person
3 Hour Corporate Clinic – $70 per person
Six students or less per instructor.

These informative group instructional formats are designed for all learning levels. Formats include Course management, putting, chipping/pitching, bunker play, full-swing, and pre-swing that includes grip, aim, and set-up.

Option Two: Skills Exhibition

Bob Kramer, Two-Time PGA Philadelphia Section Teacher of the Year, showcases his crowd pleasing golf exhibition. This entertaining and informative one hour presentation displays Bob’s uncanny skills, both professional and comical, and has always been a “hot ticket”. $300. Reserve Quickly.

Option Three: Half & Half School

Half business, half pleasure, come for breakfast, take your meeting, and enjoy a delicious lunch.Top off your day by experiencing a four hour customized golf school, led by our nationally re-known PGA Director of Instruction, Bob Kramer. Food and meeting expenses vary by group size and selection.
Golf school: $200 per person.

Option Four: Corporate Outing Fee /Special Events

Hire Bob for the day, and he’ll personalize your Tournament by performing an exhibition and clinic, followed by personal videotaping of all participants. When he completes the day, he serves as a synergistic Master of Ceremonies with his highly regarded videotape playbacks of the golfers. Bob has been offering this extraordinary daily event to thousands of motivated participants for many years.

Indian Valley Country Club Events:
Off-site: $1700 ( ask about special rates for charities.)

Book a clinic or school by calling 610-781-4234