"Bob has been my swing coach since 1998. I owe much of my success in golf to Bob and his simple, clear approach to understanding and improving my golf swing. Bob has helped me with all facets of my game. I have won 47 local professional tournaments, 41 of these wins were captured during my association with Bob from 1998-2008 I highly recommend Bob Kramer to anyone that is serious about improving their golf game." 
~ George Forster, PGA Professional
Individual Private Instruction
At Bob Kramer’s Golf Academy, we take the game seriously. 

If you’re committed to the game of golf, then it’s no different than attending a four year college to integrate all the knowledge needed to achieve a degree. 

Taking one class in a subject will not teach you what you need to know, and taking one golf lesson may identify your potential, but it will never give you the tools needed to define and improve your game. 

With this thought in mind, Bob Kramer’s Golf Academy is now offering the break-through training that includes not only the skill-sets needed, but also targets the specific area where you feel most vulnerable. Those who actively adopt a play and learn behavior, STAY WITH THE GAME. A lesson at a golf range may pique your interest, but it takes a coaching plan to see your goals achieved. 

Bob Kramer’s Golf Academy presents its game-intensive teaching protocol below. It is designed to lead you through a series of lessons that will alter your relationship to the game, and give you the tools you need to take your game to the next level. 

Private Instruction

Coach Kramer’s Initial Evaluation Session This is the lesson that will identify your strengths, and suggests the steps needed to match your game with the results you hope to achieve.
  • One Hour Non-member Session $175.00
  • One Hour Member Session $125.00

After initial evaluation, you are invited to consider our specifically designed coaching programs as follows:

The Coach’s Plan:  

This FOUR lesson coaching plan is designed to focus on one specific aspect of your game. Each One Hour Session includes a targeted review of the precise area you wish to improve. Coach Kramer offer's Two Specific Plans:  Short Game Only Plan as well as a Specific Ball Striking Plan.

  • Four Session Package is $650.00 for Non-Members
  • Four Session Package is $480.00 for  Members 

Coach Kramer’s Total Impact
This commitment is perfect for the golfer who understands the journey to their goals will greatly depend on the impact of their training. This 12 hour coaching plan is specifically-designed instructional schedule on ball striking, short game skills, and on-course instruction. Included is a video analysis supported by flight scope data, a one hour club fitting, and a personal training booklet.

  • Twelve Session Package is $1800.00 for Non-Members
  • Twelve Session Package is $1440.00 for Members


Precision Putting Package

This 2-hour instructional program is the most important program in golf.  It will include skills testing, putting lab evaluation, putter fitting using Piretti custom fitting system, and Coach Kramer's ARS technique.  

  • Non-Member - $350
  • Member - $300


Playing Lessons

By far the quickest way to lower your handicap without making major technical changes, while also allowing your coach to critique your strengths and weaknesses.  This lesson is likely to be your favorite 2-hours of golf instruction.

  • Non-Member - $350
  • Members - $250

For more Information, contact Coach Kramer at 610-781-4234